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Tim Walsh
06-29-2007, 06:08 PM
Hey Bill Benner, I hope you see this!

Can you list the devices needed and the procedure for recording laser shows from any ILDA compatible system to a Pangolin system, with audio all synced up?

Thanks, Tim

06-29-2007, 06:53 PM
Hi Tim,

The answer to your question might depend on "who" is doing the recording and encoding. For example, if your question is "what does ILDA itself, as an organization, need to record and encode lasershows into the Pangolin format", the answer is very simple -- "all you need is an ILDA member with the appropriate recording equipment"...

I am not being a smart ass here. That is a possible answer, and in fact has been the answer in years gone past. The ILDA Awards Committee (or other committees) would have needs, and put the call out to ILDA members who individually or collectively pitched in to answer the call. ILDA itself as an origination didn't need any equipment per se.

But if your answer is more specific, precisely what is needed on the part of individuals or a collection of individuals:

1) A Pangolin LD2000 system (Intro, Basic or PRO)
2) The Lasershow Converter ADAT program from Pangolin (included free with LD2000)
3) A sound card that supports input of 8 audio channels, such as the Audio PCI from Frontier Design Group (costs a few hundred dollars)
4) Possibly... an ADAT that has been modified to record laser. This can be any ADAT -- black face, gold face, HD24, whatever... Alternatively a "lightpipe trans-coder" can be used.
5) Each of the computer systems (or ADAT) whose output you desire to record into Pangolin format (with the obvious exception of Pangolin, whose native format can be used directly)

After that, you just use the Lasershow Converter ADAT program to "record" the laser data (X,Y, RGB) and the audio, simultaneously, into the Pangolin system. Once recorded, it can be adjusted in terms of timing, brightness (and gamma correction) for each of the red, green, and blue, size and offset of the imagery, etc. The LC-ADAT program can actually do all of this automatically, with the press of a single button. The result is a show, frame, and sound file, which are basically automatically loaded into the Pangolin system, ready to go, and in many cases look better than the original...

There really isn't much to it, which is why this process was used successfully at two ILDA Awards judging and two ILDA Awards presentations in the past.

Before the last ILDA meeting, I get the impression that you sort of bemoaned my "load-play-load-play-load-play" mentality. But hopefully after the last ILDA meeting, you can see the obvious benefits. No screwing around with cables, computers, formats, ground loops, etc... you just load and play, and load and play...


Tim Walsh
06-29-2007, 07:14 PM
Thanks, Bill, I wanted to get all the details in one place. All I need is the 8ch sound card and I can try it out.