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ILDA 2000 Awards

Winners of ILDA Awards for
Outstanding Laser Displays

The 2000 ILDA Awards:

Laser display professionals from around the world were honored Oct. 8th with prestigious awards for artistic and technical achievement during the annual conference of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

Companies from Germany, Australia, Italy and the USA were recognized for creativity and excellence in eleven artistic categories that represented how laser displays are used to celebrate special events, promote products and entertain audiences.

Winners included LOBO electronic's Millennium celebration at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, Laser Rental's role in Houston's citywide "Sky Power" extravaganza, and Laservision Macro-Media's playful "Millennium Bugs" animation show in Australia.

ILDA's Fenning Awards for Technical Achievement produced a first-place tie. The top honor was shared between AVI Imagineering with Lasers' Omnistar laser projection system and Pangolin Laser System's QM2000 Laser Display Processor Board.

A complete list of winners is presented below. Winning entries can be seen on a two-hour videotape available in NSTC or PAL format. The tapes are US $35 plus shipping, and can be ordered from ILDA.


ILDA 2000 Awards for Outstanding Laser Display
(for Fenning Technical Achievement Awards, click here)

Category: 1A, ISP Beam Module:

LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Designer: Bernhard Settele
Art Director: Alex Hennig
Music: Uwe Hacker - Dampframme

Dampframme is a project between our company and the renowned German DJ Uwe Hacker. The soundtrack has been produced for this show exclusively and is based on the sounds produced by a steam ram. This project has been a successful experiment to find new styles of music and effects for the realization of beam spectacles. Dampframme was distributed within our software contract which includes the monthly delivery of one beam show on actual music titles for $200 per show.

AVI Imagineering With Lasers, Inc. - Orlando, FL USA

Producer: Chuck Rau
Programming: Chuck Rau
Music: "Robin Hood" by Michael Kamen

A new logo and advertising campaign launch for CVS pharmacy needed the proper combination of music and full color mid-air beam effects to convey the energy of the event. This beautiful piece of music inspired the producer to capture the various sounds of the full orchestration.

Allegro No. 5
LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH - Berlin, German

Producer: Stephan Rieck
Digitizer: Stephan Rieck
Clip Art: None
Music: Hungarian Dance No. 5 -J. Brahms

This is a slightly unusual beamshow because it tells a story, which will however be easily understood by everyone. Allegro No. 5, the Boy Meets Girl Mix.

Honorable Mention
LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Designer: Peter Bastian
Art Director: Alex Hennig
Music: Kay Tracid: Destiny's Path

This show was produced for the software contract which includes the monthly delivery of one beam show on actual music titles for $200 per show. The music and the implementation in laser shows live from clear contrasts between speedy/positive and calm/melancholic passages.

Category: 1B, ISP Cel Animation:

AVI Imagineering With Lasers - Orlando, FL USA

Concept and design: Willie Castro & David Lawter
Supervising Animator: Willie Castro
Animator: David Lawter
Inbetweener: Todd Meisel
Digitizer: Priscilla Bernardo

Socrates the mouse proves that determination is the key element of success. In this sequence the little co-star struggles to carry a large book over his shoulders and deliver it to the proper place to begin a classroom lecture. However, a strong gust of wind (not shown because it was computer generated) knocks him off balance. The character was developed to act out certain parts of the script and provide the comic relief throughout the show. The show depicts the Greek stories associated with the constellations.

Werewolf of London
AVI Imagineering With Lasers - Orlando, FL USA

Concept and Design: Willie Castro
Animator: Willie Castro
Inbetweener: Todd Meisel
Digitizer: Todd Meisel

This animated sequence was developed for the song "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon. In order to add a new comedic twist to an old tale, we decided to make the werewolf character more sophisticated than the traditional horror flick depictions. His human counterpart (not shown in this sequence) lacks total sophistication thus becoming the running gag for the entire song.

Category: 1C, ISP Computer Animation:

Raster Eye Being
Strictly FX - Chicago, IL USA

Animators: Doug Cenko, Carl Graves, David Kennedy

Raster Eye Being was created to showcase both the talents of our animation department, with lasers and traditional cel animation, as well as some feasible uses for the new raster technology. The animation is part of a larger demo that got us the gig, and is being integrated into a new very trippy module. Raster Eye Being is a traditional cel animation that is rastered, and given shape, and then given more 3D motion through the Pangolin system.

Boris the Spider
AVI Imagineering With Lasers - Orlando, FL USA

Concept & Design: Willie Castro & Ricardo Barros
3D Modeling & Animation: Ricardo Barros

In this short sequence, developed for a visualization of the song "Boris the Spider" by The Who, a spider sings for a handout, but gets more than he expected.

LOBO electronic GmbH

Designer: Alex Hennig
Special F/X: Werner Most

This experimental animation uses a Cadillac as the basis to find three-dimensional formulas for a series of special effects allowing to realize typical reflections on metal parts of a driving car. Finally this effect was implemented in the LACON-system to be used for various applications.

Category: 1D, ISP Graphic Module:

The Trial
Laser Fantasy International - Bellevue, WA USA

Analog Programmer: Tracy Goodsmith
Digital Programmer: Jay Heck
Animators: Che Lopez, Connor Mooney
Music: The Trial, Pink Floyd

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" we created a brand new laser show. In this excerpt of "The Trial" we bear witness to courtroom drama and spectacle not seen since the O.J. trial.

Strictly F/X - Chicago, IL USA

Artists: Carl Graves, Doug Cenko
Digitizers: Carl Graves, Doug Cenko
Programmer: Carl Graves
Music: "Blue" Eiffel 65

Blue is one of our modules that we created for use in our festival shows. We tried to capture the hum-drum monotony of everyday life in an off beat, quasi-satirical way that would still be entertaining, even to younger viewers. We are always trying to achieve new looks with the laser, and this piece is a great example of how smooth laser character animation can be.

Purple People Eater
Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory
(Brevard Community College) - Cocoa, FL USA

Artist/Digitizer: Joe Tucciarone
Programmer: Mark Howard
Music: Purple People Eater

The Purple People Eater was included as part of our Halloween themed laser show. It features a "literally" interpreted rendition of the Purple People Eater creature.

Category: 1E, ISP Graphic & Beam Module:

Vida Loca
AVI Imagineering With Lasers - Orlando, FL USA

Producer: Ricardo Barros & Chuck Rau
Programming: Ricardo Barros & Chuck Rau
Artwork: Ricardo Barros & Willie Castro
Digitizing: Ricardo Barros & Pricilla Bernardo
Music: "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin

The high-energy combination of screen and beam programming gave this up tempo song the visual representation it needed to entertain a large outdoor audience.

Toshiba 3D
Laser Spectacles, Inc. - San Marcos, TX USA

Producer & Programmer: Tim Walsh
Client: Laser Design, Inc.
Clip Art: 5% LaserAnimation Sollinger
Music: Custom Soundtrack

This show was produced & performed in stereoscopic 3D. The goal was to have images interacting with beams, out in front of the screen, to create excitement at a sales meeting.

Riverside Intro
LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Animation: Alex Hennig
Graphics: Iris Schua, Philippo Bernadoni
Beams: Roman Schütz
Clip art: 5% Philippo Bernadoni - All Music Service, © by LOBO electronic GmbH
Music: Riverside People - Riverside Intro

Riverside is a chain of entertainment centers in the west of Germany, each being equipped with a dual-projector MODULA-5-system. The animation serves as an opener and laser-supported jingle in the discotheques of Riverside. The mixture between animation and beam effects was suited to a driving music theme, which has been composed exclusively for this purpose. The logo animation finds a connection between the characteristic look of every Riverside discotheque and the logo.

Category: 2A, Beams/Atmospherics:

Trance Vision
LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, German

Designer: Bernhard Settele
Art Director: Alex Hennig
Music: Miss Shiva - Dream Remix

Trance Vision is a beam show for 6 pairs of scanners being produced on the occasion of the SIB in Rimini and the Musikmesse in Frankfurt making use of the intense green beams of the new Coherent Vipers. For Frankfurt the original sound track was re-mastered in Virtual Dolby Surround for the reproduction on headphones.

LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Designer: Roman Schütz
Art Director: Alex Hennig
Music: Kraftwerk - EXPO 2000

Symbiosis is a complex beam spectacle being made to the official song of the EXPO 2000. The music has been composed by the famous Synthy Group "Kraftwerk". They create a very unique and polarizing music style - either you like it or you hate it. Roman Shütz took the challenge to transform the EXPO-theme into a very technical-oriented laser beam arrangement. Flashing accents with intense mirror effects as well as perfectly timed and extremely accurate beam sculptures give this music a very new 'look and feel'. Although the show consists in general on very reduced basic beam show effects, you discover - when watching the show multiple times - always more details. The result: Even those who did not like the music itself became enthusiastic about it when watching this show.

LDS Light Design GmbH

Show Design and programming: Stuart Bensley
Audio Mixing: Stuart Bensley
Music: "Music: "Response" by Chemical Brothers

When programming to this piece of music, I have tried to capture the abstract and rich textured feel of this piece. My programming to this music not only follows the beat but it mimics the melody and samples used. To give this show an abstract feel I have used subtle color changing and soft blanking effects to create walls of moving color that pulse with the music.

Honorable Mention
Jugend Forscht beampart
tarm Showlaser GmbH

Hardware concept: Ralf Lottig
Programming: Kai Kasprzyk
Music: Unknown

Category: 2B, Abstract:

Sleep Now in the Fire
Laser Fantasy International - Bellevue, WA USA

Programmer: Tracy Goodsmith
Music: "Sleep now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine

Interpreting a Rage Against the Machine song into abstract laser imagery takes a special kind of training. Because the imagery needs to look like the stars you see when you're whacked on the head by riot police. Therefore our artists are encouraged to hang out at World Trade Organization meetings and major sports victory riots to get beatings for reference. (No programmers where harmed in the making of this show).

Trip Like I Do
AVI Imagineering With Lasers - Orlando, FL USA

Producer: Carey Langille & Ricardo Barros
Programming: Carey Langille & Ricardo Barros
Music: "Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method

The sultry female voice in this song by The Crystal Method was depicted in abstract form by the use of modulating "S" curves. The hypnotic effect was achieved during the second half of the song through the use of color and pattern variations pulsating from center screen. This module was designed for planetarium theatres.

3rd (tie)
Bocelli for Romanza
Laser Images, Inc. - Van Nuys, CA USA

Laser Choreography by Scott Anderson
DMX Effects Control Engineering by John Tilp
Projector Fabrication by David French
Produced by Ivan Dryer
Music: Andrea Bocelli - "Songo" (Dream)

To provide the primary display for periodic "sky shows" on the 60-foot dome of the new Romanza themed restaurant at the Reno Peppermill Resort, we modified a LASERIUM® CSL projector to emphasize its 18 individual lumia effects and limited use of its RGB scan channel. The watchwords were "romance" and "abstraction" so a display dominated by lumia was selected by the architect and effects coordinator to complement the theme and the decidedly romantic songs of Andrea Bocelli. Prior to seeing the capabilities of our CSL, lasers were not considered for this application, which eschewed the conventional scanned animation modules.

3rd (tie)
Laser Images, Inc. - Van Nuys, CA USA

Laura Hernandez-Andrade & John Tilp
Music: Javier Paxarino - "Qumran" (SIN-FIN)

Excerpt from work in progress; laser show featuring music of Hispanic origin worldwide.

Category: 2C, Graphic Module:

Millennium Bugs
Laservision Macro-Media Pty Ltd - Dural, NSW,Australia

Animation: Lloyd Weir, Beth Ridgley
Laser Programming: Stuart Bensley, Stuart Benson, Beth Ridgley,
Tim Baker
Audio: Stuart Bensley
Executive Producers: Sharon Thomas, Simon McCartney
Director: Lloyd Weir
Music: "Sabrosa" Beastie Boys, "Cantaloop" Us3,
"Mannish Boy" Muddy Waters

It was during the Y2K hysteria that 'Millennium Bugs' was conceived. Our client, delighted with the huge success of Fish Opera, desired an additional show. Only now the new production had to be "jazzy, funky, & bluesy" to differentiate itself from its classically inspired predecessor. Millennium Bugs is a 12 minute work performed 3 times each evening at Sydney's No. 1 tourist attraction Darling Harbour on dual maritime Aqua-Screens. The shows objective is to entertain and amuse children, adults and non-English speakers alike. This intricately created laser production documents the metamorphosis of a butterfly, from egg to caterpillar, cocoon and finally butterfly. The butterfly interacts with an array of quirky creatures from the insect world along the way.

Mittelmeer 2000 (Mediterranean 2000)
Laserland GmbH - Halfing, Germany

Producer: Mic Hunger
Programming: Stephan Thelen, Mic Hunger
Music: Adiemus/Adiemus

The 1600 guests of the German cruise ship AIDA are welcomed on the first evening of the 7 day cruise through the Mediterranean Sea with a laser show in the onboard theatre. The laser show displays the route, the destinations and some impressions of the scenery. The shows are changed on a regular basis depending on the route and destination of the cruise.

3rd (tie)
Tom Joad
Laser Fantasy International - Bellevue, WA USA

Analog Programmer: Tracy Goodsmith
Digital Programmer: Linda Fullerton
Music: Tom Joad - Rage Against the Machine

What do you get when you combine a moody song, moody abstracts, and moody graphics? A really cool Graphic Module. In these portions of "Tom Joad" you can see just how powerful the right combination of imagery and music can be. And by the way, the song is about the ghost of "Tom Joad" not the ghost of "Tom Jones". Who, to some people's dismay, is not dead. Yet.

3rd (tie)
Bullet in the Head
Laser Fantasy International - Bellevue, WA USA

Analog Programmer: Tracy Goodsmith
Digital Programmer: Connor Mooney
Music: "Bullet in the Head," Rage Against the Machine

All right, we all know that the music by Rage Against the Machine can get pretty heavy. But once it is interpreted into laser light it makes for some amazing imagery. The underlying theme of this song is, TV rots your mind. So go to more Laser Shows!

Category: 3A, Indoor Show:

LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Cells: Bella White
Digitizing: Iris Schua, Bernhard Settele, KristianHafkemeier, Reimar Hafkemeier, Easy Kurz
Colorizing: Christian Engler, Peter Bastian, Iris Schua
Special F/X:Werner Most
Beams: Roman Schütz
Concept/Design: Alex Hennig
Music: William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings, Binary Finary - 2000,
E-Nomine - Vater Unser

Dreamscape has been an experiential project of the LOBO design group. It should show new ways how to transport emotions and physical experiences with lasers. Dreamscape consists of sophisticated animation passages, embedded in a speedy beam spectacle. Dreamscape is a mirror to the miscellaneous sensations - such as fun, money and adrenaline - our characters dives into life. The ratio of man takes every challenge and breaks every frontier for material success: on land, on and in the sea as well as in space. But every man discovers within his life also a totally different and shocking irrational world: the world of emotions. Stepping in this world we experience a crazy mixture of curiosity, fear and uncertainty. Finally we discover love and passion, which could just be just a few steps away from sorrows, mourning and desperation. And perhaps we finally find also that feeling which tries to harmonize ratio and emotions: hope. For all those who just want to see a good lasershow without thinking about the content, the underlying concept of a dream is the key also to understand the show in a more superficial way.

1999 ILDA Awards Ceremony Opening/Closing show
Walt Disney World Co., Lake Buena Vista, FL USA/
Lighting Systems Design, Inc., Orlando, FL USA

Producers: Melissa Chisholm, Tony Zmorenski
Artistic Designer: Robert DiAddezio
Laser Design/Programming: Robert DiAddazio, David Gaskins
Lighting Designer: Brian Evans
Pyro Design: Tamara Frost
Custom mix by: DJ NEO

We wanted to create a spectacular opening that would showcase laser technology and provide a kickoff for the evening's awards. We wanted to create a spectacular sendoff after the awards to end the evening with a bang. The system consisted of: two Coherent Purelight Stars for Beam Projection emitting from the hanging ILDA logo signs; two Coherent Purelight Stars combined for Graphics Projectio; one 3-watt MicroYAG system fiber fed to two remote scanners for Beam Projection; one 10-watt Coherent Viper to mirrors for Beam Bounces. Plus a Fiber Optic Curtain, Various Lighting, and Pyrotechnics.

Mannesmann Dematic
LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

AV Design: Roman Schütz
Cells: Thorsten Kraemer
Digitizing: Iris Schua, Peter Bastian
Concept/3D-Animation: Alex Hennig
Music: Matthias Kohl - Dematic Theme, Axel Zwingenberg - Cow Cow Blues, Blues Brothers - Peter Guru Theme, Chuck Berry - Roll on Beethoven, Beatles - All you need is love, Hair - Aquarius, Queen - We are the Champions, Tina Turner - The Best, New Order - Blue Monday

Mannesmann Dematic is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile cranes of any size. LOBO was entrusted to develop a show concept serving as a portrait of the company's history, showing its outrageous milestones of crane engineering, presenting the development of the different product lines and integrating in the roll out of a new 'compact' mobile crane as the highlight of the spectacle. The show should be made from crane specialist to crane specialist meeting in the halls of the world's most modern crane factory in Wallerscheid. After making themselves crane specialists, LOBO's designers finally found a way to concentrate the huge amount of data to a very entertaining show with about 9 minutes of animation, 3 minutes of beam show and about 1 minute for the roll-in of the new crane. The most important show element has been Karl Demag, a small and smart cartoon crane proudly presenting his family to the spectators from a fascinated child's point of view. Detailed 3D laser-models pointed out outrageous engineering approaches of Mannesmann Dematic.

A further key element has been the harmonious combination of laser with slides being projected with 12 projectors in total. So it was possible to integrate photos of the company's archive. All slides have been re-edited in the computer at LOBO's to avoid breaks in the aesthetics of the show. About 70% of the available photo material had to be changed within more than 150 hours of work from portrait to landscape format by adding new image content. To allow an orientation in time, laser marked the actual position on a computer generated time-axis at the bottom of the projection field. Also the music served as an additional indicator for the different centuries of the company's history.

Honorable Mention
SIB 2000 Multimedia Show
Laser Entertainment SRL - Milano Italy

Producer: Alberto Kellner for Laser Entertainment
Ideation & concept: Alberto Kellner & Elio Beccegato
Laser Digitizing: Fabrizio Signoritti, Giuseppe Zagaria, Gianni Bruzzese
Computer Graphic Video: Elio Beccegato for animate
Soundtrack & Mixing: Torrevado SRL
Beam Effect Soundtrack: Freefall remixed by DJ George
Dancers for Discoteque: La Bush, Belgium
Hardware and laser set up and tuning: Patrick Awouters for Laser Systems Europe Bruxelles
Music: Torrevado SRL Milano & Freefall

This special show has been conceived and produced for the Laser Entertainment & Laser Systems Europe booth, at the fair exhibition Rimini SIB 2000, Italy. The show was conceptualized to present the capabilities of a multimedia show where lasers, computer graphic videos, music, waterscreens, dancers & fireworks are amalgamated in a innovative way. Special thanks to the technical crews that set up the booth and to Laser Systems Europe's technicians for laser hardware supply & tuning.

Category: 3B, Outdoor Show:

Sky Power & Beyond
Laser Rentals, Inc. - Joplin, MO USA
(In conjunction with Laser Media & Laser Fantasy International)

Director: Jeff Pinkerton
Producer: Rob McKinley
Laser Design: Walt Meador, Scott Cunningham, Tim Hallmark, Martin Koslowski
Laser Programming 14 Aerial Systems:Martin Koslowski
7 Ground Systems: Jay Heck, Linda Fullerton, Che Lopez
Music: Various Artists

Sky Power and Beyond was the name for the largest Laser Millennium Celebration in the United States, and one of the official starts to Millennium Celebrations in the United States. This was the largest of a three year identity project in Space City, USA. Over two million people witnessed 22 minutes of choreographed Pyrotechnics, Lasers, Pani Projectors, and Special Lighting, while peering into the night sky over a modern skyscraper City. Lasers having the power of 780 Optical Watts, from a total of Twenty One separate Laser Projectors, eighteen of which were Yag Lasers, along with three Large Frame Argon Lasers. All Twenty One Laser Systems were linked to SMPTE via Telephone Lines. Fourteen of the Laser Systems were for aerial projections, with placement of the systems in offices inside the Skyscrapers with the Window(s) removed, at 500 to 600 feet above ground. The other seven ground laser systems were used for Large Format Projections onto selected Skyscrapers, in addition to scanner aerial projections. There were 21 Laser Operators, as each Laser System was isolated.

The artistic challenge was a stage that was 360 degrees, with "seating in the round". The choreography encompassed 196 fixed beam projections, and twenty one scanner aerial projections. The artistic result felt by the 26 Laser Personnel, was for 22 minutes, two million eyewitnesses could truly feel the dawn of the New Millennium in the beauty of such a massive Production.

Berlin 2000
LOBO electronic GmbH

Cells: Christian Gorny, Bella White
Digitizing: Alex, Krause, Oliver Faulhaber, Markus Hald, Peter Bastian
Colorizing: Iris Schua
Art Director: Alex Hennig
Music: Calren Studios - Chronology, Berlin People - Berlin, MM-Studios - Berlin Big Bang

It has been Germany's official start into the year 2000 and the highlight of the continent's biggest Millennium party. Literally the whole world - represented by 65 TV stations with 1.5 billion spectators and 2 million people on-site - participated in LOBO's laser projection onto a Water Screen in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Just 10 years ago this has been the place separating East from West. Today this national monument became the heart of Germany symbolizing the hope for a prosperous common future. Now it served as a natural backdrop for the countdown in the new Millennium projected by laser on a rectangular Water Screen.

The whole concept and realization of this spectacle has been effected by LOBO. Due to the importance and complexity of this project the preparations already started in 1998. Outstanding laser animations take the spectators at Paris Square on a speedy journey through 10,000 years of human history. A three-dimensional beam show to the Berlin Hymn is followed by the culminating countdown into the year 2000. As requested by the client, LOBO harmoniously integrated the logo of the main-sponsor (Deutsche Post) into the countdown. At the same time this spectacle was running in parallel to Berlin as a giant laser projection on a mountain above the "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner) in Koblenz and on the famous Porta Nigra, a Roman Gate in the Ancient City of Trier. Most likely this project has been the biggest millennium laser spectacle in the world.

Spirits of Sentosa
Laservision Macro-Media Pty Ltd - Dural, NSW,Australia

Concept Development: Simon McCartney, Lloyd Weir, Richard Tan
Animators: Lloyd Weir, Beth Ridgley, Hillary Senanayake, Ziv Lazar, Stuart Bensley
Laser Programming: Lloyd Weir, Stuart Bensley
Executive Producer/Director: Simon McCartney
Music: Spirits of Sentosa, Original Score

'Spirits of Sentosa', is a powerful cultural myth set to an inspirational original sound track. Motion pictures, overlaid and integrated with Laser animation are key features of composition. The spectacular performance depicts the 3 mythical 'Spirits of Sentosa' and their quashing the destructive antics of a villainous dragon. With fabulous makeup, digital image projection effects and truly astonishing visual transitions from live motion picture action to animated laser characters the story unfolds, setting the scene for Sentosa's vast 'Merlion' icon to rescue the Spirits, vanquish the dragon and return magic and tranquility to the island paradise.

Honorable Mention (tie)
100 Years Zeppelin
Laserland GmbH - Halfing, Germany

Producer: Mic Hunger, Ralph Douw
Music: Stephan Thelen, Mic Hunger
Programming: Stephan Thelen, Mic Hunger
Music: A mix of many

Between 2 July and 16 July 2000 a mega-event on a grand scale took place in the harbor town of Fredrichshafen on Lake Constance to celebrate 100 years since the first Zeppelin airship took to the air.

As part of the Zeppelin centenary celebrations, Laserland GmbH transported this town on Lake Constance, which is renowned for its fairs and its historical associations with the Zeppelin, and visitors from all around the world back to the time of Count von Zeppelin with a laser-animated multi-media show and the very latest in technology. The history of the airships and Count von Zeppelin's visionary ideas were projected in multi-media form against a huge 25 x 50m water screen. Laser technology, lighting and video projections accompanied by music from that era were combined into a harmonious multi-media work of art. Animated film sequences portraying a whole range of images from the pioneering era of Count Zeppelin through to the high-tech times of the 21st century floated over the surface of Lake Constance. The idea was to communicate to the audience the unique sensation of traveling in the Zeppelin: technology, luxury and the fascination of gliding noiselessly through the air. Laserland had created a journey back through the 20th century which provided food for all the senses. As Friedrichshafen immersed itself in the fourth dimension, the spectacle symbolized the continuous pace of progress in this place which borders three countries.

The centenary was attended by so many visitors - between 5,000 and 10,000 during the week and 10,000 to 15,000 on the weekends - that the town of Friedrichshafen arranged for the laser show to be extended by a week.

Honorable Mention (tie)
Medina 2000
LOBO electronic GmbH - Aalen, Germany

Cells: Bella White
Digitizing: Iris Schua, Bernhard Settele, Christian Engler
Beams: Roman Schütz
Concept/Design: Alex Hennig
Music: Hollstein - Medina 2000

Medina is Saudi Arabia's holy city ranking in the importance directly after Mecca.On behalf and in presence of the Royal family, we presented scenes of the Prophet's life, the beauty of nature as well as the country's history and culture as laser projections on a giant water screen right in the middle of the Medina stadium. The laser show was supported by fireworks and actors on the field presenting historic flights and folkloric performances.

Only two weeks of preparation including show production, shipment and setup, as well as temperatures ranging between 40ºC and 50ºC made this project an extreme challenge to our crew.

It has been of central importance to the show design that the laser presentation included many religious parts. So our show designers had to take special care of the different sense of perception and aesthetics between Western countries and the Arabian culture. It was not allowed to show any women, children or the Prophet. So, some things might look strange through the eyes of an European spectator which is normal to the Saudia Arabian people. For example the camel been shown in the presentation carries the Prophet, although the Prophet himself remains invisible.

Category 4: Special Application

Laser Show Design - Orlando, FL USA

Director: Doug McCullough
Programmer: Jeff Hwang
Executive Producer: Patrick Murphy
Software Development: William R. Benner, Jr.
Technical Assistance: Jason Alday
Original Music Composer: Tom Habes
Clip art, photos and video from various sources.
Music: Tom Habes

The client's goal was to creatively use high-density laser patterns (rasters) to display still and moving photos from a standard projector. We were specifically prohibited from using any outline drawings such as those conventionally used in laser shows. This is only the second such photo realistic laser show ever done. Technically, it is much more complex than the first one (which was a simple transfer of video to laser). In "Linea" each image (i.e. every singe frame!) was carefully edited, colorized, and rendered onto a "raster" frame. In many instances, customized rasters were created to complement the images (i.e. square, panoramic, tall, circular, etc.). Some rasters even rotate or speed-up to display their image.

It may also be worth noting that instead of making the visuals "fit" with an existing piece of music, original music was composed specifically for this piece to provide the context for the development of the imagery.

If you think about the other categories of laser display - 1) graphic line drawings, 2) geometric abstracts, 3) diffuse lumia-type effects, and mid-air beam effects, "Linea" explores a new realm of laser imagery. Artistically, its closest antecedent would be the independent/underground films of the 1960's and 70's.

Lübecker Innenstadtkirchen
tarm Showlaser GmbH - Bochum, Germany

Hardware concept: Ralf Lottig

All churches in Lübeck were connected with laser beams for one week in March 2000

M & M's
tarm Lasertechnik GmbH - Bochum, Germany

Design, Digitizing, Programming,
Computer Animation: Jörg Isermann, Living-Lines
Frame by frame animation: Thomas Voigt.
Idea and Story: BBDO
Music: Stock Stuff

Working together with BBDO in a big team was a great experience. The Music and vocals were completely produced in Dolby Prologic. A lot of scenes with Red and Yellow are computer animated and 200 Frames are classic animation. All the lip-synch stuff is done with the Lasergraph DSP. Special thanks to Thomas Voigt who made a great job and Rowland Davis the most relaxed and productive Art Director I have ever met.

To View Fenning Technical Achievement Awards, click here.

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