Vol. 16, No. 2, Oct-December 2005 




Show News Headlines



LOBO's Interactive Show

Laser Buddhas Planned

LaserNet Nightclubs

Grand Central Gets Lasers

Egyptian Inauguration  

Laseronics Cruise Ships

Italian Musical Features Lasers




Nightclubs by LaserNet

Laser Production Network has just completed installation work on three nightclubs.The latest nightclub in Port of Spain, Trinidad is Zen. This Asian flavored club features the Florida company's LaserPro projector with a 7-watt white light laser and 32 bounce mirrors, sending beams throughout the three-level club.  Scanned aerial graphics by Pangolin complete the installation and make Zen one of the most impressive clubs in the Caribbean.

The recently opened mega-club Metropolis, located in downtown Miami, features LaserNet’s 1-watt argon air-cooled laser Matrix beam/scan projector. The argon is positioned three meters above the dance floor, with bounce mirrors sending beams to all corners of the main room.




Trinidad's Zen club features lasers by LaserNet.

The latest Las Vegas hotspot is Tao.  Located in the Venetian Resort and Casino, club-goers are treated to the sight of laser effects produced by LaserNet’s 5-watt copper-bromide ScannerPro projector. The Pangolin-based projector targets 16 bounce mirrors over the dance floor with gold-colored beams.




Grand Central Station Gets Holiday Laser Show

Science Faction is making final preparations for its seventh annual production of The Holiday Laser Shows at Grand Central Terminal in New York. Opening on November 21 and continuing through New Year's Eve, shows are presented every thirty minutes from 11:00AM until 9:00PM. 

Nearly 25 million New Yorkers and tourists see the show each year, making it the second most popular holiday destination in town -- a very close second to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.




Lasers light the ceiling at Grand Central Station.

Eight different laser shows are scheduled in rotation throughout each day and night and projected onto the historic Sky Ceiling 125 feet above the delighted audiences. Science Faction uses the laser medium to animate the zodiac figures that populate the ceiling's mural.

"It's really gratifying to see harried commuters stop in their tracks to look up and watch, just like the families with little kids -- and to have them all applaud the ceiling when the show's over,” said Dick Sandhaus, head of Science Faction. The shows are choreographed to musical soundtracks produced by Science Faction.


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