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ILDA Awards

ILDA's 2004 Awards for Outstanding Laser Displays


Three members take home artistic awards: Alberto Kellner, Laser Entertainment srl, Italy (left), Alexander Timofeyev, Orion Art Production Intl., Russia (center) and Patrick Awouters, Laser System Europe, Belgium.



Las Vegas, Oct. 23, 2004: Members of the International Laser Display Association honored the best and brightest in their industry with awards for outstanding technological, artistic and career achievement at the group’s annual awards banquet Oct. 23 in Las Vegas.

Companies from America, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Russia received the industry’s equivalent of Hollywood’s “Oscars” for shows that included outdoor festivals, corporate productions, theme park installations and special events. This year saw the addition of three new categories recognizing laser displays in nightclubs and discos, lasers displays used in video and film productions, and laser displays used in live stage performances. There was also a new "Best of Show," won by LFI International and Fischer Media Group, honoring what the judges considered to be the most outstanding laser display from among all the winning entries. A total of 16 companies, representing six nations, took home awards in a dozen categories.

ILDA artists awards are given in twelve categories, with a panel of judges reviewing live laser presentations whenever possible. A unanimous vote was required to award the "Best of" in each category.

A complete list of winners appears below.

2004 ILDA Winners, Artistic Displays

Best Beams/Atmospherics Laser Show (Multiple Scan Heads)

Winner: LOBO electronic, Massive Impact
Finalists: LM Productions, Elecktronika
HB-Laserkomponenten, Hair

Best Beams/Atmospherics Laser Show (Single Scan Head)

Winner: HB-Laserkomponenten, Team X Treme}
Finalists: Laserlight Showdesign, Hurricane
LOBO electronic, Night Flight
Pangolin Laser Systems, Music

Best Entertainment Graphics Laser Show

Winner: LOBO electronic, Billabong
Finalists: Laser Entertainment srl, What is the Light?
LaserAnimation Sollinger, The Tricky Book
LOBO electronic, The Circus

Best Corporate Graphics Laser Show

Winner: Orion Art Production Intl., Panasonic Casino
Finalists: LOBO electronic. Holiday Park Trailer
Strictly FX, 7th Annual Chicago Bears Fan Convention 

Best Abstract Laser Show

Winner: Audio Visual Imagineering, Setting Sun
Finalists: LOBO electronic, Mode of Motion
Strictly FX, I Can Only Imagine 

Best Static Laser Composition

Winner: Laser Entertainment srl, Fantasy 2004
Finalists: Audio Visual Imagineering, Poison Symmetry
LOBO electronic, X15 Scanline

Best  Multimedia Show

Winner: Laser Entertainment srl, History: Graphic & Multimedia Show
Finalists: Laser System Europe, SEA Games
LM Productions, StratoFantasia – Hong Kong Tourism Board
LOBO electronic, Europapark Halloween Show 2003

Most Innovative Laser Display Application

Winner: Laser System Europe, Flying Laser
Finalists: LM Productions, Death of the Red Baron
Laserpromotions B.V., LaserStrike

Best Nightclub/Disco Laser Display

Winner: HB-Laserkomponenten, Barbie Pop Party
Finalists: Laser System Europe, Radical Disco
LOBO electronic, G-Fiedel

Best Use of Lasers in a Video or Film Production

Winner: LOBO electronic: SWR Station ID
Finalists: TLC- Creative Productions, Usher “Yeah"

Best Use of Lasers in a Live Stage Performance

Winner: LFI International and Fischer Media Group : Surpraser “Changes"
Finalists: Manick Sorcar Productions, Dancing with My Soul,
Matrix-Laser, Origins FIRE

Best in Show

Winner: LFI International and Fischer Media Group: Surpraser “Changes"
Finalists: LOBO electronic, Billabong
Laser Entertainment S.R.L., History: Graphic & Multimedia Show


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